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This site is designed to assist you in finding a “SAFE” salon or spa where the technicians have been trained to provide healthful cosmetic services. All professionals here have taken a comprehensive course in safety training and working with clients with special health considerations. They have passed an exam and have committed to upholding the highest standareds of aseptic techniques in their practices.  Some are also Certified in their skills as  an Advanced Nail Technician (ANT), a Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) or as a Medical Nail Tech MNT).

You may search in your state or region, or by Zip Code or by location on the map. We will be adding new salons and spas to our directory continually…please check back!

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SSC Logo Pro Final map marker - small has taken the Safe Salon certification program and uses an autoclave

ANT-logo-png is an Advanced Nail Technician, trained in working with special health conditions

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What is a Safe Salon® and what does that mean for you?

A Safe Salon will have OBVIOUS differences in the way they perform the services:

  1. Use of Personal Protection Equipment: gloves, eye shields, masks and other protective equipment will be used
  2. Gleaming clean surfaces throughout the facility
  3. Use of aseptic techniques & high-level infection control practices such as:
    • Unopened autoclave pouches containing the implements used for your service that have been processed in high heat (you’ll be able to tell)
    • All other items are single-use and disposed of in your presence
    • Your technician wash their hands before beginning, and if you are having a hand treatment will instruct you to wash your hands, as well
    • All products are dispensed in a sanitary way (no fingers digging into tubs!)

The technicians will ask you questions about your health and they have been trained to recognize “out of normal” conditions they observe and adjust their services accordingly.

Safe Salon® Concepts.

Salon professionals who have completed a “Safe Salon Concepts” Certification program can achieve the designation as a Safe Salontm and earn the right to display this special Logo as a badge of excellence.


In order to display this Logo, the professional must take a course, pass an exam and agree to uphold the principals of the Safe Salon Concepts.