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Safe Salon Updated Privacy Policy

Safe Salon Privacy Policy Safe Salon cares about the privacy and security of all the users of the website. The website itself is hosted on robustly-protected, secured servers owned by web design and development guru, Claudio Barbieri, Page1 Ranking of Cape Coral, Florida. Co-Founder Karen Hodges shares “Over the last few weeks, Claudio has been […]

Demonstration of Safe Salon Concepts

May 9, 2017 – Fishkill, NY  Local salon owner, Lisa Franzen is the owner/operator of Nail Solutions, LLC, a Certified Safe Salon. Franzen has pursued advanced education and has obtained her credentials as an Advanced Nail Technician (ANT)TM Her clients are fortunate to have her care and concern in providing safe, healthful nail and foot […]

What is an ANT?

To Clients Seeking Safe, Healthful Salon Services – We have a solution for you! The Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification is a credential your nail technician has earned through extraordinary efforts to know more so s/he can give more care to you…the client who can’t afford to risk an infection in a salon. This nail […]

The Entire Salon is on Board!

Lacquer Salon in Austin, Texas, has just achieved certification of the entire staff of service providers in their downtown (Guadalupe Street) location. Janet McCormick of Nailcare Academy has just conducted a certification training for 14 of the Lacquer staff in how to work with clients in a safe, healthful way. All members went through the […]

How Do I Become a Safe Salon Professional?

To earn the designation of “Safe Salon” which is a trademarked term used to describe those salons who follow the Safe Salon Concepts, you must take a safety training course, pass an exam and agree to follow the principles set forth in the program: Create and maintain an aseptic salon environment Utilize aseptic professional practices […]

Safe Salons Can Come to You

In some states, mobile nail care services are sanctioned by state cosmetology boards. Tina Porter is one such nail technician who is taking safe, healthful foot care to her clients in their homes and living quarters. Porter has more than 34 years behind the table and six years as an educator for her local beauty […]

What is a Safe Salon®?

There is a Safe Salon Certification Program, written and trademarked by Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges–experts in aseptic practices in the salon. McCormick’s background in dentistry highlighted the lack of sanitation and disinfection in salons and spas when she changed careers in the ’80s.  She began teaching and writing articles and books about safety practices. […]

Do You Have Special Health Considerations?

The CDC, World Health Organization and countless others exert a lot of effort estimating the impact of chronic illnesses on today’s world population.  How do these issues affect YOU? One direct impact is the care of your feet. Routine Foot Care – is defined by Medicare as the activities of trimming of nails, thinning thickened […]

To Glove or Not to Glove?

Q: Why should your technician wear gloves? A: For her protection AND yours against the transmission of infection. Did you know any person may be “colonized” with any number of pathogens (germs) and be unaware they are a carrier? These pathogens can be passed along person to person with no one the wiser until they […]