How Do I Become a Safe Salon Professional?

To earn the designation of “Safe Salon” which is a trademarked term used to describe those salons who follow the Safe Salon Concepts, you must take a safety training course, pass an exam and agree to follow the principles set forth in the program:

  1. Create and maintain an aseptic salon environment
  2. Utilize aseptic professional practices
  3. Gain knowledge of out-of-normal conditions and their implications

The Safe Salon Professional must also embrace the Safe Salon philosophy which can be summarized as:

In no circumstance should the technicians of a Certified Safe Salon®perform any service that does not fall within these guidelines and those of their state regulations. They must stand firm in their conviction and beliefs that the safety of the client or the technician must not be put in jeopardy for a cosmetic service.


How to Become a Safe Salon Professional

In order to become a Safe Salon Professional, you must take the Safe Salon Concepts course offered by Nailcare Academy at This course is offered as an add-on to the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification Program, or may be taken separately.  “Many nail technicians find they desire the in-depth training they receive in the ANT program,” states Janet McCormick, Co-Founder of Nailcare Academy.

In addition, nail techs may receive second-tier training with Nailcare Academy as a “Footcare Nail Technician” (FNT) or a “Medical Nail Tech” (MNT). The FNT training takes the ANT foundation and intensifies the knowledge gained about “out-of-normal” conditions of the feet as well as how to work safely with clients who have special health considerations.  The MNT prepares nail technicians who want to pursue working in a medical setting providing cosmetic foot care.

If you have a desire to step up your nail career, contact Nailcare Academy at [email protected]


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